What is Tenkara?

Tenkara is a centuries-old tradition of fly fishing developed in Japan. Quick and easy to learn, it appeals to novice, experienced, and expert western-style fly fishers — anyone wanting to simplify their approach to fly fishing. With Tenkara, the emphasis is on technique, utilizing only the essential elements of rod, line, and fly.

Developed originally for small mountain streams, modern innovations in Tenkara equipment now make it possible to catch small and large fish in most streams and rivers. Tenkara telescoping rods generally range from ten to fifteen feet in length and allow a nearly faultless dead drift with no fly line and very little tippet on the water.

What is TenkaraSensei.com and iTenkara.com?

TenkaraSensei.com and iTenkara.com are sources of information about Tenkara fly fishing, Tenkara Sensei® instruction and guide services, and Tenkara Sensei® and iTenkara® gear and apparel.

These websites encourage conservation and preservation of the waters, habitats, and landscapes valued by Tenkara fly fishers. TenkaraSensei.com and iTenkara.com support the acceptance and growth of Tenkara by expressing the simplicity, beauty, and effectiveness of this traditional way of fly fishing, the landscapes and waters where it is practiced, and the people who enjoy it.

TenkaraSensei.com and iTenkara.com are designed with Tenkara tradition and simplicity in mind. Your comments and suggestions are welcome (email us here).